Recent Bylaw Changes

Bylaw Update Process

Thank you for taking the time to understand more about the governance of your association. URMIA is managed by an elected Board of Directors. One of their charges is to maintain our bylaws. The board edits the bylaws from time to time to reflect current practices and ensure alignment of duties and clarity.

Each year with the membership renewal process, the previous year’s updates will be posted online with an explanation. We encourage all members to review them at this time.

Most bylaw changes do not require a membership vote, but when they do we will use the renewal process to establish a quorum.

Summary of 2016 Changes

Page 8, Section 3.2

There was a discrepancy in the listing of our officers. This change fixes that by including the Immediate-Past-President in the listing of Officers.

Page 10, Section 3.11

We updated the language to our current practice of retaining a CPA firm to do a financial review and report findings to the board.

Page 14, Section 3.12

We added the Scholarship Committee to the listing of committees. (URMIA created the Scholarship Task Force in 2014 and it was made into a standing committee in Oct 2015.)

Page 21, Code of Ethics

We updated the title and phone number for the Executive Director at the URMIA National Office.

Contact the Parliamentarian

Use the form below to contact our parliamentarian who would be happy to answer any questions about these bylaw changes.