Standing Committees

Affiliates Committee

The Chairperson of the Affiliates Committee shall be an Affiliate Member and shall be appointed to serve for a three (3) year term. Affiliate Member representatives employed by the same firm are prohibited from serving consecutive terms as Chairperson of the Affiliates Committee. The Affiliates Committee shall include at least eight (8) individuals, including the Chairperson, representing different Affiliate Members, and the President-Elect as the Board Liaison. The Affiliates Committee is responsible to further enhance perceptions, relationships, and communications between the Corporation's Institutional Members and Affiliate Members. The Affiliates Committee will also perform such other duties which are in the best interests of the Corporation as determined and directed by the President.

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Annual Conference Committee

An Annual Conference Committee shall consist of a chairperson or co-chairpersons and a sufficient number of individuals to successfully plan and conduct the Annual Conference. Each Annual Conference Committee is responsible for planning, organizing and administering the designated Annual Conference and will:

  • Select a city as a site for the conference and approve the specific hotel site subject to approval by the Board of Directors.
  • Organize the program for the Annual Conference, including subjects, speakers, social activities, and exhibits, in accordance with standards and criteria established by the Education Manager and the Executive Director.
  • Submit a draft program and budget for the Annual Conference to the Executive Director.
  • Prepare a progress report for the Board of Directors for each of its meetings prior to the Annual Conference for which the Annual Conference Committee is responsible.
  • Prepare information about the Annual Conference and submit it for publication in the newsletter.
  • Conduct other appropriate and necessary activities to ensure the success of the Annual Conference.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall consist of the Finance Committee chair and at least three other members. These members are appointed by the Board of Directors upon the recommendation of the President and Treasurer. The Board liaison shall be Treasurer. The committee will interact with the CPA firm conducting the agreed upon procedures for the current year, make appropriate recommendations as necessary to the URMIA Board of Directors and maintain the Financial Policies and Procedure, including signature authority for contracts and commitments by the organization. The committee is expected to report annually to the Board of Directors regarding changes made or anticipated to financial controls or policies and procedures as well as any ongoing activities that may need financial guidance.

Honors Committee

The Honors Committee shall consist of a Chairperson who is a senior Member of the Corporation with membership tenure of at least ten (10) years and who has served on the Board of Directors. The Honors Committee shall also consist of an Emeritus Task Force with at least three Institutional Members with membership tenure of ten (10) years or longer, and a Distinguished Risk Manager Task Force with at least three (3) Members who, if possible, have earned the Distinguished Risk Manager designation.

Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee shall consist of the immediate past President who will serve as the Leadership Development Committee Chairperson, two (2) directors, and three (3) other individuals.

The Leadership Development Committee will not have a board liaison and will solicit nominations for President, President-Elect and for membership on the Board of Directors and prepare a ballot for membership vote prior to each annual business meeting. The Leadership Development Committee Chairperson must assure that each person nominated will accept nomination and is willing to serve in the office for which he/she is being nominated. Any Member in good standing may propose any other eligible Member in good standing for nomination for any appropriate office, provided that said Member agrees to the nomination. The Leadership Development Committee will also perform such other duties which are in the best interests of the Corporation as determined and directed by the President.

International Committee

In addition to its Chairperson, the International Committee shall consist of at least four (4) individuals plus a liaison from the Board. The International Committee will expand outside our domestic borders to build alliances with international partners that influence risk management practices internationally, explore and expand opportunities to represent URMIA internationally as thought leaders, support increase in international membership and continue to enhance URMIA's library with relevant international content. The Chairperson will compile a list of all items under review by the Committee, and shall present a report to the Board of Directors at its spring and fall meetings.