2020 Election


The election will be held July 21, 2020 through August 14, 2020. Each member organization has one designated "Voting Member" who is eligible to vote in this election.


Voting Invitations

Voting Members should look for an e-mail from invitations@mail.electionbuddy.com after 12:00pm ET on July 21, 2020.


Candidates (Four Open Director Seats)

We are grateful to our 2020 candidates for being willing to take part in URMIA's governance and furthering the discipline of higher education risk management. Candidates are listed in random order.

Antona J. Curry, CM

Director, Enterprise Risk Management
University of The Bahamas

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Craig McAllister, CPCU, ARM, AIC, AIS

Executive Director, Risk Management
University of Miami

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Juan M. Azcarate III, CRM

Risk Manager
Texas Wesleyan University

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Pamela Jeffreys, CPCU, ARM, CRM, CIC, AINS

Director of Risk Management
The University of Tennessee

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Mark J. Logel, MBA, ARM

Assistant Director of Risk Management
University of Southern Indiana

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Flo Hoskinson

Risk Manager
University of Oregon

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Todd Adkins

Director of Risk Management
University of Kentucky

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Julie L. Groves, ARM

Director, Risk Services
Wake Forest University

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William "Tim" Wiseman, MBA, ARM-E

Chief Risk Officer
University of Wyoming

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Tracey Swift, ARM

Director, Risk Projects
Arizona State University

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Keesha Trim, CRM, CIC

Director, Risk Management & Insurance
University of Richmond

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Brian Burns, J.D.

Director of Compliance and Risk Management
Wentworth Institute of Technology
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Paul Fox

Director of Risk Management
Texas Christian University

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URMIA President

This year, the Leadership Development Committee and board of directors has made the decision to extend Chauncey Fagler (our current President) for an additional term. The board did not make this decision lightly, but feels it appropriate for two primary reasons:

  • Continuity is important right now, given the unknown situations impacting our member institutions and the associated financial challenges for URMIA. We feel that Chauncey's steady, consistent leadership will be important to help URMIA weather this storm and continue to serve our members.
  • Chauncey has missed many of the benefits of being President, such as travel to partner associations and hosting in-person board meetings. Our Annual Conference culminates the experience, and our virtual conference won't give him the opportunity to experience what previous presidents have.

Because of this, we will not seek nominations for President this year. We thank Chauncey for his willingness to dedicate another year of service to URMIA, and to Courtney for agreeing to continue as President-elect for a second year.