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Risk management really is everyone's responsibility: job titles show URMIA members' broad range of duties


By Glenn Klinksiek, Knowledge Center Content Manager, URMIA.

Copyright Paul CrossWho in higher education has a responsibility for or interest in risk management? A look at the job titles of URMIA members shows predictably that risk managers do. But the job titles also show a large group of people with responsibilities outside of risk management who have an interest in the field. Further, many risk managers themselves have other institutional responsibilities in addition to risk management.

Of the approximately 1,550 URMIA members working at colleges and universities, about 800 (52 percent) have responsibilities including risk management as indicated in their job title. These include members with the following terms in their job titles: "risk management," “claims," "insurance," "workers’ compensation," "risk," "risk finance," "risk strategy" and similar. The remaining 750 appear to have primary responsibilities other than risk management.

For the 800 members with risk management in their job titles, 24 categories of job titles are used as listed in the table below. Note that these job titles are normalized for analysis. Please understand that the count for “Director, Risk Management” includes “director of risk management,” “risk management director,” “director of risk management and xyz,” and so on. Interestingly, 55 of our members (7 percent) hold the senior management job titles of vice president, associate or assistant vice president, or chief risk officer.

Table 1: Most common job titles among URMIA members.

The job titles for 166 risk management members (20 percent) indicate additional responsibilities as shown in the table below.

Table 2: Additional job titles among URMIA members.

Safety and emergency management are likely because of the relationship these functions have to risk management. However, some of the responsibilities in the “other” category are surprising. The 36 responsibilities in the table below show just how broad these responsibilities are.

Table 3: Most common job responsibilities among URMIA members.

For those with responsibilities primarily outside risk management, the range of responsibilities is broad. Members fall in the following categories:

Table 4: Additional job responsibilities among URMIA members.

The notion that “risk management is everyone’s responsibility” is indeed reflected cross URMIA’s membership.

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