Eugene D. Marquart, DRM

(Retired) Risk Manager,
California State University

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California State University
Past President
Distinguished Risk Manager




These articles help us keep up with members who have (generally) retired.Typically one former member is featured. This letter is from Eugene Marquart but it also gives us a glimpse of a couple of other retired members. Since our collective retirements Alex and Donna Ratka, Barbara and Lou Wolf and Judy and I decided that we did not want to lose track of one and the other. So a pact was made that we would get together at least once a year for a mini conference. We have lost Lou Wolf, but we still gather and carry him in our hearts. We call ourselves the GOOFS (gathering of old friends) and have that printed on our official shirts. We have been convening for the past eight years, with the ninth coming up in October when we will take a repositioning ship from Vancouver, BC to San Francisco, Ca. Our conferences have taken us to Canada, Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Colorado and to Canada again for the Eastern Provinces. For those who may not remember, Alex was the RM for USC, Barbara was the RM for Cal Tech and I was the RM for the State of California which included the CSU system. Judy and I continue to keep very busy with a new and larger home. I say that so you won't think we are in a retirement home. In addition I am on the board of directors for the Sacramento Childrens Home and the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society. I still do some RM consulting for the CSUS Foundation, for the Childrens Home, for the Jazz Society and for the American River Natural History Association. Judy and I enjoy travel and good health. And I am pleased that URMIA has made this attempt to keep in touch. Thank you.