Innovative Risk Management Solutions Award

Revision in Progress

The URMIA Honors Committee is currently redesigning the Innovative Risk Management Solutions Award, and we will not be accepting submissions in 2018. Please check back here later this year for details on the 2019 program.

Original Purpose

URMIA created this award in 2007 to achieve three goals.

Logo for URMIA's Innovative Risk Management Solutions Award

Recognize Creative Efforts

We identify and recognize new and creative risk management efforts implemented by our members which address specific exposures or risk management topics in their college or university.

Share Solutions

We encourage members to share their successful ideas and projects as potential resources for others and facilitate sharing of this information.

Promote Innovation

We promote and recognize innovative thinking and problem solving that benefits higher education risk management.


Recipients of URMIA's Innovative Risk Management Solution Award in 2016
2016 Award Recipients from Iowa State University

From Left to Right: Kurt Beyer, Susie Johnson, Joseph Rayzor

Role of the Honors Committee

The Honors Committee oversees the nomination and selection process for the Innovative Risk Management Solutions Award. They seek applications annually and will grant an award only in years when a truly innovative solution is nominated for recognition. The number of awards issued each year will be at the discretion of the Honors Committee.

All program entries that meet the submition criteria will be acknowledged by URMIA and receive a letter from the Honors Committee thanking them for participating in the program and recognizing the value of their efforts.



Iowa State University


Chapman University


Stevens Institute of Technology



Five Colleges, Inc.


Texas Christian University

University of Missouri


Indiana Wesleyan University


Maricopa County Community College District