Innovative Solutions Award Recipients

Congratulations to all member institutions receiving the URMIA Innovative Solutions Award!



Recognize Creative Efforts

Identify and recognize new and creative risk management efforts developed by our members to address specific exposures or risk management issues at their college or university

Share Solutions

Encourage members to share their successful ideas or projects as a potential resource for others, and to facilitate sharing of this information

Promote Innovation

Promote and recognize innovative thinking and problem solving that benefits higher education risk management


The program selected for the URMIA Innovative Solutions Award will be recognized as follows:

  • The member institution will be presented with the award during the annual conference.
  • The program will be highlighted in an URMIA publication.
  • A letter and photo from the URMIA President will be sent to the President or Chancellor of the member institution receiving the award, and to the risk manager’s immediate supervisor.
  • Registration fee for two attendees will be waived for the next annual conference.

The winner will be asked to present the details of their program as an article in an URMIA publication and/or develop and present a virtual presentation.

Recipients of URMIA's Innovative Risk Management Solution Award in 2016
Representatives from Iowa State University

Left to Right: Kurt Beyer, Susie Johnson, Joseph Rayzor

Recipient Institutions


Iowa State University

Safefood 101


Chapman University

eWaiver Program





Five Colleges, Inc.

Driver Credentialing Program


Texas Christian University

Firefighting Information Data Organized


University of Missouri

Large Claims Processing Procedure


Indiana Wesleyan University

Enterprise Travel Management System


Maricopa County Community College District

Maricopa Integrated Risk Assessment (MIRA)