Risk Management Wednesdays

Risk Management Wednesdays

As a public service, URMIA provides programming to highlight the importance of risk management at institutions of higher education. Everyone is welcome to participate at no cost! We will announce these webinars throughout the year.

Reach Colleagues Beyond the Risk Management Department

Use Risk Management Wednesdays to reach out to colleagues and spread the word about risk management goals and concepts.

Promote Best Practices on Campus

Host activities for faculty, staff, and students that incorporate or follow up on the topics explored in this webinar series. Think lunch-n-learns, student-awareness events, professional development, social-media campaigns, etc. It is important for everyone to understand common risks on college and university campuses; local, state, and federal regulations; and what individuals can do to practice effective risk management.

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Recorded Webinars

Guns on Campus

Explore the ongoing unlawful presence of handguns on campus both preceding the "campus carry" legislation and after.

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Risk & Transportation

Learn how Purdue developed their Transportation Safety Policy that accommodates departments and drivers' needs while advancing key transportation safety principals.

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Who Are All These Kids and Who's Responsible for Them?

Join us for practical advice on managing risk across all youth activities held on campuses everywhere.

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You 3D Printed What?!!

Explore safety and environmental considerations that institutions should bear in mind when approaching and implementing 3D printing technologies.

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Managing Volunteers on Campus

Establish a volunteer policy/plan at your institution to minimize risk.

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Drones: An Update on the 2016 FAA Regulations

Explore the updated FAA regulations and the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in education, research, and institutional operations.

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Managing Food Allergies in Higher Education

Take proactive steps to create awareness, educate students, and develop standards of prevention and response for student food allergies.

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ERM: It's Not a Solo Gig

Learn about using a Risk Committee to further the goal of implementing an Enterprise Risk Management program at your school.

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TCO & TCOR: Where Facilities Meets Risk Management

Discover how Facilities and Risk Management departments can work together to minimize Total Cost of Ownership and Total Cost of Risk.

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