Risk Management Wednesdays

Make November "Risk Management Month"

As a public service, URMIA provides programming every Wednesday in November each year to highlight the importance of risk management at institutions of higher education. Everyone is welcome to participate at no cost!

Reach Colleagues Beyond the Risk Management Department

Use Risk Management Wednesdays to reach out to colleagues and spread the word about risk management goals and concepts.

Promote Best Practices on Campus

Host activities for faculty, staff, and students that incorporate or follow up on the topics explored in this webinar series. Think lunch-n-learns, student-awareness events, professional development, social-media campaigns, etc. It is important for everyone to understand common risks on college and university campuses; local, state, and federal regulations; and what individuals can do to practice effective risk management.

Registration is Open

Registration is now open for all of the webinars. Use the buttons below to register individually or register for all four with one click here!

Explore More Topics

View recorded webinars from this series' predecessor, Risk Management Week.