Risk Management Week Is Now
Risk Management Wednesdays

NEW! Risk Management Wednesdays in 2017-- Topics

Transportation, Nov. 1st @ 1-2pm eastern, Daniel J. VanHoosier, Purdue University

Guns on Campus, Nov. 8th @ 1-2pm eastern, William Taylor, Collin County Community College

3D Printers, Nov. 15th @ 1-2pm eastern, Jim Spencer, University of Notre Dame

Protection of Minors, Nov. 29th @ 1-2pm eastern, Ann Franke, Wise Results & Steve Wieneke, Iowa State University

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What Was Risk Management Week?

Risk Management Week was a week of programming to highlight the importance of risk management at institutions of higher education. Everyone is welcome to participate in its successor, Risk Management Wednesdays.

Promote Best Practices on Campus

URMIA helps risk managers spread the word about good risk management practices among their colleagues. We provide programming and marketing materials to make it easy for risk managers to host events on their local campuses during (or even after) Risk Management Week.

Reach Colleagues Beyond the Risk Management Department

Risk Management Week features a week-long webinar series, but is also about creating a forum for non-risk managers to learn about the importance of local, state, and federal regulations; common risks on college and university campuses; and what non-risk managers can do to advance effective risk practices on their campuses.



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Recorded Webinars

Who’s That? Managing Volunteers on Campus

Establish a volunteer policy/plan at your institution to minimize risk.

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Drones: An Update on the 2016 FAA Regulations

Explore the updated FAA regulations and the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in education, research, and institutional operations.

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Managing Food Allergies in Higher Education

Take proactive steps to create awareness, educate students, and develop standards of prevention and response for student food allergies.

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ERM: It's Not a Solo Gig

Learn about using a Risk Committee to further the goal of implementing an Enterprise Risk Management program at your school.

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TCO & TCOR: Where Facilities Meets Risk Management

Discover how Facilities and Risk Management departments can work together to minimize Total Cost of Ownership and Total Cost of Risk.

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2015 Webinar Topics

  • Managing Risks with Student Groups
  • Mitigating Travel Risks
  • Risk Leadership on Campus
  • Lab Risks
  • Data Breaches

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How Can You Get Involved?

Host Your Own Events

Use URMIA's Risky Business resources to plan your own Risk Management Week events and incorporate our webinar series into your plans. It's a great time to get everyone together for lunch-and-learns about risks related to student groups, university travel, research, and more. And don't forget to share your thoughts on social media with the hash tag #riskybusiness and @URMIAnetwork.

Participate in Live Events

The next Risk Management Week of live events will be held in the fall of 2017.


Contact the URMIA National Office with questions about planning Risk Management Week events, registering for webinars, or accessing Risk Management Week resources.