TCO & TCOR: Where Facilities Meets Risk Management

Tips of the Day

Risk Assessment and Prioritization

Develop an understanding of what your facilities related risks are and determine which present the greatest risk. Understand where facilities risk fit in the context of all the risks facing the institution. Focus on the issues presenting the greatest risk.

Practicality and Sufficiency

Determine what can be achieved with the available resources and be prepared to accept solutions that reduces the risk even though not completely.


When available resources are insufficient, work with facilities leadership to jointly seek the necessary resources from institutional leadership supporting the effort with sound evidence.

About the Webinar

Facilities managers concern themselves with the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of buildings and property while risk managers focus on Total Cost of Risk (TCOR). Facility managers may understand the risks within their area of responsibility but they face the challenge in dealing with risk because of resources, both human and financial. For them it’s a balance of risk and cost. A robust risk management program places responsibility for risk at the appropriate levels of the organization including Facilities, providing resources to address the risk and reporting on the success the risk mitigation strategies. This webinar will discuss how Facilities and Risk Management can work together to minimize TCO and TCOR.

As a result of participating in this session, attendees will:

  • From a risk management perspective, understand facilities-related strategic, operational and compliance risks
  • From a facilities standpoint, understand the challenge of supporting the three-Rs (recruitment, retention and resources) with constrained resources
  • Understand the “touch points” Facilities and Risk Management should have to support each other
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Keith Woodward

Associate Vice President for Facilities Operations
Quinnipiac University

Keith Woodward is starting his 28th year at Quinnipiac University and currently manages 190 employees, 3.1 million square feet, and over 750 acres in two towns in Connecticut. Keith serves as the co-chair of the Emergency Management Team at the University. Keith sits on both the Facilities and University-wide safety committee, as well works on a three-member committee to manage operational risk in the area of workers compensation and general liability.

Keith was President of the Eastern Region of APPA in 2009, currently co-chairs APPA’s Thought Leader Series, and he was awarded the Rex Dillow award (best article published in Facilities Manager magazine) for the article he authored called “Facilities and School Security”. Keith managed a 40” snow storm in 2013. In 2015, Keith served as moderator of APPA’s “Triumph Over Active Shooting: Be Facilities Ready” in conjunction with representatives from Sandy Hook, Columbine, and Virginia Tech.


Glenn Klinksiek, CPCU, ARM, MBA, DRM

Resource and Education Manager
University Risk Management and Insurance Association

For 25 years, Glenn headed the University of Chicago’s risk management function, retiring in 2012 as its AVP for risk management and audit. His responsibilities included directing the university's risk management and safety programs for the education, research, and healthcare enterprises. He managed its insurance and self-insurance programs; oversaw the university safety programs including laboratory, occupational, fire and life, vehicle, and radiation and environmental; maintained the emergency preparedness plan; managed its risk-based internal audit program; managed the compliance hotline and investigations; and staffed the university’s compliance committee.

Mr. Klinksiek holds a BS from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from Indiana University.