Who’s That? Managing Volunteers on Campus

About the Webinar

This session will focus on the importance of establishing a volunteer policy/plan at your institution to minimize risk. There are increasing incidents surrounding volunteers and students, or youth, and many organizations do not know who is volunteering at their institution.

As a result of participating in this session, attendees will:

  • Understand the benefits, and minimize risks, by developing a volunteer policy.
  • Better understand strategic considerations, operational considerations, special considerations, as well as observations and lessons learned.

Tips of the Day

Establish a Policy

For the safety of your campus, it's critical to establish a volunteer policy. If you don't have a formal plan, a good place to begin is by thinking through who might be performing volunteer duties on your campus.

Ask yourself:

  • What areas of the campus community utilize volunteers?
  • Are these individuals staff, faculty, contract workers, or volunteers?
  • What types of duties do these volunteers perform, and do they receive the necessary training?

Once you understand these issues, you can get a better handle on your volunteer situation and move towards a more complete policy.

Explore Other Resources

The URMIA library (login required) has samples shared from member institutions, including volunteer services agreement, guidelines, ID forms, and sample policies.


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Keisha Brown-Fuller

Employment Consultant
East Carolina University

Keisha Brown-Fuller is the senior employment consultant for East Carolina University. She has been in charge of developing the volunteer policy at ECU. She has a PhD in organization development and management from Capella University, and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and an MBA from East Carolina University.


Sara Lilley

Employee Relations Consultant
East Carolina University

Sara Lilley is an Employee Relations Consultant for East Carolina University. Sara has been in this role since 2007 and serves as a resource to employees and management to identify and resolve workplace issues and concerns. Sara served on the Volunteer Policy Committee which was responsible for developing a Volunteer Policy at ECU. Sara received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from North Carolina State University and Master’s degree in Adult Education from East Carolina University.