ERM: It's Not a Solo Gig

About the Webinar

Welcome to higher education, where there is no decision too small for a committee! Join this webinar to learn about using a Risk Committee to further the goal of implementing an Enterprise Risk Management program at your school.

Specific subjects covered will include:

  • Selection of members
  • Appropriate work of the group
  • How to get the most out of "yet another committee"
  • How the committee approach can be a good thing

Tips of the Day

Establish a Risk Committee

An enterprise risk management program cannot succeed without thoughtful committed leadership. Often this role falls to a "risk committee" that takes on responsibility for the risk identification and assessment process and oversees the mitigation of the risk issues of the highest priority. What the scope of the committee charge is, who sits on the committee and how it works depends on the institution, its administrative strengths and its culture.

Foster Diversity

Using a committee adds diversity of thought to identifying and evaluating the risks, so that differing perspectives are brought to bear.

Spread the ERM Message

Getting the "risk committee" aspect of the enterprise risk management program right is essential for success and can serve to spread the message more quickly throughout the organization.


Gary Langsdale, ARM, DRM

University Risk Officer
Pennsylvania State University

Gary Langsdale serves as university risk officer for The Pennsylvania State University, a position he has held since 2003, with responsibility for enterprise risk management, including operational, hazard, and privacy risks. Previously, he was director of risk management at International Paper Company.

Mr. Langsdale has nearly 40 years of experience in the insurance and risk management field, contributed to three recent white papers for URMIA, and participated in the development of the ASME standard on risk assessment in higher education. In April 2009, he was recognized by Business Insurance magazine as a member of their Risk Management Honor Roll, and in 2014 he was named by URMIA as a "Distinguished Risk Manager".

Mr. Langsdale has a Bachelor of Science degree from Allegheny College and holds the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) professional designation. His hobbies are saying yes to his grandchildren and no to his children.

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