Ronna's tech tip: Setting community notification preferences


Ronna PapeshBy Ronna Papesh, Database & Website Administrator, URMIA.

When you join an URMIA community, your e-mail notifications are set based on that community's type. The default settings listed in the table below seem to work for most members, but we encourage you to review and tailor notifications to meet your needs. Consider the following new options.

URMIAnetwork community notification settings table
Daily consolidated digest

A daily consolidated digest differs from the default daily digest because it includes posts from all of your communities in a single daily e-mail message. Some prefer this to reading a separate digest for each community.

Weekly consolidated digest

Screenshot of navigating to your notification settings in the URMIAnetworkYou can configure the system to send high-level summaries of community activities weekly, as well as real time and daily digest messages. The weekly consolidated digest compiles all posts to the designated communities for the week into one e-mail message. Imagine how nice it would be to review an entire discussion thread in context. It is easy to choose which communities to include and which day of the week to receive your weekly consolidated digest.

Participate daily

Plan to use the weekly consolidated digest in addition to - not instead of - other notification methods. Members build successful communities through timely and regular participation. Your posts contribute to these supportive spaces for URMIA members, so please share your ideas and resources. Make those professional connections and reach out to your community members often.

Setting community notifications

How do you view your settings? First, sign in on the URMIA website and go to your profile. Under the "My Account" tab, click on "Community Notifications."

You will see two types of settings for each community: A Discussion Email dropdown and Consolidated Digest checkboxes. These settings work independently. For example, you can configure the system to send you a "real time discussion email" and to include posts to that community in a weekly consolidated digest. Likewise, you can set your Discussion Email dropdown to NO EMAIL and still receive a daily consolidated digest in your mailbox.

Steps for configuring a consolidated weekly digest

Screenshot showing steps to configure your notificationsUnder the Community Notifications page:

  1. Choose a day on which to receive a "weekly consolidated community digest."
  2. Move the slider bar under Notification Settings to No.
  3. Choose a community you wish to include in a weekly consolidated digest and confirm the Discussion Email dropdown is set to REAL TIME or DAILY DIGEST to ensure you remain in the know.
  4. Check the box in the Consolidated Weekly Digest column.

Confirm receipt of notifications

After adjusting your Community Notifications, please confirm that you are receiving updates at least daily from all your active communities.


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