Steven Stoeger-Moore Quoted in Community College Journal


See what he says about how risk management can improve safety, save money                                                2/28/2019

Steven Stoeger-Moore

Highlights Role and Value of RM

Steven Stoeger-Moore, president of Districts Mutual Insurance & Risk Management Services and URMIA’s current board parliamentarian, was extensively quoted in the article “Risk and Reward” in Community College Journal  (February/March 2019 issue). He spoke about the value of risk management for addressing a wide variety of campus risks, from natural hazards and lab safety to sexual assault and drones. He noted that one of the key aspects of a risk manager’s job is to allow innovative practices while also protecting “the financial integrity of the college and the safety of participants.”

Another URMIA Member Quoted

John McLaughlin, senior managing director of Gallagher’s Higher Education Practice, also was quoted in the article. He pointed out that risk management might account for a very small portion of operating expenses but “it must be responsible for protecting 100 percent of assets.”