Harry Rosenthal Retires


Risk manager and former AURIMS president steps down after long career.                                                   7/30/2019


New Life Started July 14

After a long career encompassing higher education risk management and leadership roles with the Australian Universities Risk and Insurance Management Society (AURIMS), Harry Rosenthal has retired from Unimutual as general manager of risk management services to a full schedule of activities. These include working with the Australian Museum in Sydney on a citizen science project called Australian Fishes, serving as a lecturer in Enterprise Risk Management at the University of New South Wales, providing risk consulting services, and writing about higher education risk management.

Fostering AURIMS-URMIA Connection

Harry’s connection with URMIA goes back to 2003, when AURIMS and URMIA established a mutually beneficial relationship. Harry has found URMIA’s professional resources to be useful in the Australian context and has been inspired by URMIA’s model of service for members. “I personally believe there is no greater service one can provide one’s professional peers than to facilitate connectivity and community with other professionals on a global level,” he says. “If you are in Sydney, it is just as easy to get advice from someone in Omaha as from someone in the next office, and it’s more fun!”

Advice for Today’s Risk Managers

To those just beginning their careers in higher education risk management, Harry offers some advice. First, with the view that the future of risk management lies in the ability to process and utilize large data sets, he urges risk managers to enhance their value by becoming the clearinghouse of the all the institution’s data currently fragmented into silos. Second, he suggests that risk managers engage with the institution in ways not directly related to their jobs, such as attending campus concerts and lectures or teaching a class, so that one has an identity other than as a technocrat.

Harry can be reached via email or on LinkedIN.


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