URMIA's Historic Milestone #5: Innovative Products and Awards


Prepare yourself for our 50th annual conference celebration with an understanding of URMIA’s history. 8/26/2019

As we get ready to celebrate URMIA’s 50th anniversary in Boston this September, we are also celebrating the major milestones and accomplishments we’ve made as an association over the last 25 years. With this post, we continue to explore each of the seven milestones that have shaped our past and positioned us for a strong future.

Milestone #5: Creating Innovative Products and Awards

As URMIA has matured and grown, it has been better able to respond to members’ needs in real, innovative ways. Likewise, URMIA has established its own awards to honor forward-thinking innovation and excellence among its members.

Innovative Products

By leveraging relationships with affiliate members, URMIA’s leadership has created innovative products to meet member institutions’ needs, including the Tenants’ and Users’ Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) program and the Sports Camp Insurance Program (SCIP). TULIP provides event insurance for both campus facility users and the institution to protect against claims by third parties who may be injured or lose property as a result of participating in an event. SCIP was launched in 2017 to provide low-cost, best-in-class, sports-specific insurance to cover camp programs for minors conducted in college or university facilities. Coverage protects the sports camp, its coaches and counselors, and the institution where the camp is held against claims by participants. While this insurance program was designed for sports camps, the coverage now accommodates most youth academic and educational camps as well.


In addition to innovative products, URMIA recognizes excellence and creativity among its members. The Distinguished Risk Manager Award and URMIA Innovative Solutions Award were developed as two capstone awards in this period to recognize excellence and innovation at member institutions and over the course of members’ careers.

“Although I prefer to work behind the scenes and am not usually one for the limelight, I have had some pretty proud moments in my time with URMIA. The epitome was when I was shocked to hear my own name at the end of what seemed like a long speech, to be awarded URMIA’s highest honor as a Distinguished Risk Manager – being recognized by my peers, at the 2014 URMIA Annual Conference. For a poor boy from the wrong side of the tracks in Pittsburgh, this is better than I deserve!”

Gary W. Langsdale, Assistant Vice President and University Risk Officer, The Pennsylvania State University, and URMIA President (2012-2013)

For a more in-depth understanding of URMIA's milestones, read URMIA's Historic Compendium: The Second 25 Years.

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