Planning Committee

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Please help us thank each and every member of the 2021 Annual Conference Planning Committee.


Sam Florio

Santa Clara University

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Sue Liden

Pacific Lutheran University

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The Committee's Role

Each Annual Conference Committee is responsible for planning, organizing and administering the designated Annual Conference. The committee will do the following:

  • Select a city as a site for the conference and approve the specific hotel site subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

  • Organize the program for the Annual Conference, including subjects, speakers, social activities, and exhibits, in accordance with standards and criteria established by the Professional Development Committee and the Executive Director.

  • Submit a draft program and budget for the Annual Conference to the Executive Director.

  • Prepare a progress report for the Board of Directors for each of its meetings prior to the Annual Conference for which the Annual Conference Committee is responsible.

  • Prepare information about the Annual Conference and submit it for publication in the newsletter.

  • Conduct other appropriate and necessary activities to ensure the success of the Annual Conference.

An Annual Conference Committee shall consist of a chairperson or co-chairpersons and a sufficient number of individuals to successfully plan and conduct the Annual Conference.

Committee Members