Sail in the Regatta

Captain a Sailboat

Ahoy sailors! Have you ever wanted to be a boat captain shouting “hoist the sails” and embarking on an adventure on the high seas? URMIA’s 2023 Annual Conference is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

Sign up to be a captain in the 2023 URMIAcares Regatta during the annual conference in Baltimore. The regatta is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to raise funds for 15 nonprofits and help URMIA give back to the community hosting our conference.

What You Get from Being a Boat Captain

  • A unique networking opportunity or client outing with your boat’s crew of you + 2 other URMIA folks

  • Enjoying a sailing experience in the inner harbor of Baltimore on the Sunday of the annual conference

  • Bragging rights as one of only 15 URMIAns leading their crew to success

Captains’ Responsibilities

Fill Your Boat

Find 2 additional URMIA conference attendees to sail with you.

Select Your Nonprofit

Choose the agency your crew will support and your sailboat will represent from the list provided.


You and your 2 crew members combined should raise $1,500 to support the local nonprofit you are racing for. A peer-to-peer fundraising platform will be provided to help.

Train & Sail

Arrive at the harbor on Sunday, September 10 at 11am ET for an orientation and sailing lesson. Coaches from Baltimore’s Downtown Sailing Center will lead the training, and each boat will be assigned an on-board coach during the regatta race.

Have Fun!

The regatta is a friendly competition that raises money as part of URMIAcares to give back to Baltimore.

Enlist as Boat Captain

Sign up to captain one of the URMIA regatta sailboats and raise funds for good works.

Sign Up to Captain


Other Ways to Get Involved

Being a boat captain may not be for everyone. There are other ways URMIA conference attendees can participate in the Regatta:

  • Become a crew member to help raise funds and sail

  • Attend the regatta to cheer on the sailors (1:30 pm on September 10 at the inner harbor, a short walk from the conference hotel)

  • Donate to support one or more Baltimore nonprofits