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The board of directors consists of 15 to 21 directors who are elected to serve by ballot of the voting members. Please see the URMIA Bylaws for designations, eligibility, and terms. Members are nominated by their peers.

Board Members 


A board nominee must meet the following qualifications:

  • Member in good standing with URMIA.
  • Demonstrated commitment to the association with three or more years of active participation as a volunteer on a committee, task force or advisory group.
  • Approval from his or her immediate supervisor.  This is a 3-year commitment and includes travel to the annual conference and spring board meetings.



Board members engage with and think critically about activities and strategic direction of URMIA. Board member duties include the following:

  • Participate in board meetings, including advance preparation
  • Interact as liaison with assigned committees/task forces
  • Assist in the overall management of URMIA
  • See the full list of duties in the board member's job description


Meeting Attendance

Scheduled Meetings

Attendance at board meetings is extremely important. There are three in-person meetings* (4-8 hours each) and two teleconferences (2 hours each).
  • The first board meeting will take place on the final day of the annual conference.
  • The next meeting is virtual and typically takes place in December.
  • The spring in-person board meeting takes place between February and April and the location may be with a regional conference or at the annual conference location.
  • The summer board meeting is also virtual and typically takes place in June.
  • The final in-person meeting of the year is held before the annual conference begins.

*unless a virtual meeting is deemed necessary

Newly-Elected Board Members

  • There is a mandatory new board member orientation session held at the start of the annual conference.
  • It is also strongly recommended that newly-elected board members attend the pre-conference board meeting, as a guest, to observe, before their first official meeting as a board member (final day of the annual conference).

Additional Considerations

Expense Reimbursement

URMIA realizes the personal commitment of each officer, board member and committee chair to further the advancement of the association. Transportation and lodging expenses will be paid for the spring board meeting and an extra night at the annual conference hotel. Please see our full travel policy for further guidance.

Responsibilities During Conferences 

While we encourage networking and reconnecting with old URMIA friends at the conferences, please remember that URMIA business must come first if you are an elected or appointed officer.