Annual Conferences

  • URMIA's 49th Annual Conference

    Saturday, September 29 - Wednesday, October 3, 2018

    URMIA's 49th Annual Conference, Exploring Landscapes of Risk, will be in Salt Lake City from September 29-October 3.There are many reasons to attend URMIA's largest event of the year - networking with peers and mentors, learning the latest risk management best practices and enjoying the amenities of the luxurious conference site, The Grand America Hotel. Check out the full schedule of events!

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Future Conferences

URMIA's 2018 Annual Conference Logo - Delicate Arch and Utah landscape

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Map of all locations of the URMIA Annual Conferences around the United States

Past Conferences

URMIA's 2017 Annual Conference Logo

Launching Risk into the Future
2017 - Orlando, FL
September 23-27, 2017

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URMIA's 2016 Annual Conference Logo

Fulfilling Our Mission
2016 - San Diego, CA
September 17-21, 2016

URMIA’s Annual Conference Logo for 2015 - Minneapolis, MN

Northern Stars of Risk
2015 - Minneapolis, MN
October 10-14, 2015

URMIA's 2014 Conference Logo

Unbridled Champions of Risk
2014 - Louisville, KY
September 20-24, 2014

URMIA’s Annual Conference Logo for 2013 - Phoenix, AZ

Risk Management on the Rise
2013 - Phoenix, AZ
October 12-16, 2013

URMIA’s Annual Conference Logo for 2012 - Providence, RI

Guiding You Across the Ocean of Risk
2012 - Providence, RI
September 29-October 3, 2012

URMIA’s Annual Conference Logo for 2011 - Portland, OR
Expedition Risk!
2011 - Portland, OR
September 10-14, 2011

URMIA’s Annual Conference Logo for 2010 - Pittsburgh, PA

Bridging the Rivers of Risk
2010 - Pittsburgh, PA
October 9-13, 2010

URMIA’s Annual Conference Logo for 2009 - Nashville, TN

Tuning Your Risk Management Skills
2009 - Nashville, TN
September 12-16, 2009

URMIA's 2008 Conference Logo

Impact 2008: One Voice, One Vision
2008 - Washington, DC
September 10-14, 2008

URMIA’s Annual Conference Logo for 2007 - Denver, CO
Peak Performance: Scaling the Future of Risk
2007 - Denver, CO
September 15-19, 2007

URMIA’s Annual Conference Logo for 2006 - San Antonio, TX

Conference Caliente: Hot Topics in Risk Management
2006 - San Antonio, TX
September 16-20, 2006

Historical Documents

Agendas, brochures, and presentations from previous conferences are available to members in the URMIA Library.