URMIA promotes professional development for those in the field of risk management in higher education and invests in developing the next generation of higher education risk managers.


Regional Conference Scholarships

This scholarship program is intended to help URMIA institutional members attend a regional conference who have not previously attended an URMIA conference and who require financial assistance to do so. The application period for regional conference scholarships typically opens in late November or December.   Learn More

2018 Annual Conference Scholarship Recipients


Annual Conference Scholarships

The application period for these scholarships opens when conference registration opens, which is traditionally in May.

For Institutional Risk Managers

This scholarship program supports URMIA institutional members who have not previously attended an URMIA annual conference and require financial assistance to attend.   Learn More

For College/University Students

This scholarship program supports college and university students with financial assistance to attend our upcoming annual conference, where they can gain valuable educational and professional connections as they explore a career in higher education risk management.   Learn More

2016 Annual Conference Scholarship Recipients


2017 Annual Conference Scholarship Recipients


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

URMIA is pledged to the advancement of higher education risk management and the professional growth of our members. Our conduct is guided by the highest ethical standards. All interactions are characterized by trust, accessibility, diversity, innovation, and camaraderie. See our 2021 Strategic Plan (page 6) for information about all our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) initiatives.


2016 Recipients of the Student Scholarship
2017 Recipients of the Student Scholarship
2018 Recipients of the Student Scholarship