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2012 Annual Conference Call for Presentations

URMIA’s 43rd Annual Conference
Providence, RI, September 29-October 3, 2012

Thank you to all who submitted presentations! The call for presentations is now closed. The URMIA Programming Committee will follow-up with you by early April.

Session Format

Annual conference sessions offer attendees and presenters the best opportunity to share their successful practice of the art of risk management and their insights, expertise, and alternative perspectives related to the ever-changing field of risk management. URMIA would like to put a special call out to potential presenters to include interactive, hands-on components in their sessions to further engage attendees.

  • Session Length: Most sessions will be scheduled for 75 minutes. Presenters must allow time for questions during or at the end of their presentations. Longer sessions and workshops may also be scheduled. If you think your session requires additional time, include your time requests in your proposal under "Special Session Considerations."
  • Supply Concrete Examples and Resources: Session attendees consistently evaluate sessions that provide concrete examples, templates, and resources more highly than those that do not. Presenters should consider this in developing sessions.

  • Active Learning: Identify in your presentation submission if you will be using any active learning components in your session.
  • Presentation Formats:
    • Interactive presentations
    • Panel discussions
    • Workshops
    • Round tables
    • Group work and group discussions
    • Tabletop exercises
    • Lectures

Audience Composition

Most attendees are risk management practitioners from two- and four-year institutions of higher education located primarily in the United States. These institutions may be large or small; public or private; and research, specialty, religious, medical, or otherwise oriented. Also in attendance will be international higher education risk managers and URMIA’s affiliate members.

Program Tracks

Programming will be scheduled for Monday, October 1; Tuesday, October 2; and Wednesday, October 3. Click here for more extensive examples of session topics for each of the tracks.

  • Track 1: Fair Winds and Following Seas - In a dance of communication, the movement of the water, the waves, and the surface correspond with the movement of the tide. Sessions in this track will focus on improving communication skills, leadership and management techniques, and other soft skills that will benefit you in the world of higher education risk management.
  • Track 2: Navigating the Tides - As waves of change continue to impact higher education, those issues and changes may be different depending on the size and type of institution. The sessions in this track will focus on issues affecting small, medium, or large colleges and universities, as well as private versus public institutions.
  • Track 3: Steady as She Goes - Like ships maintaining a constant, unfaltering course while navigating choppy water, sessions in this track will include some of the constant but important topics we find in higher education risk management, such as compliance issues, contracts, legal topics, and other risk management concerns.
  • Track 4: Scuttlebutt - Rumor has it that sessions in this track will include emerging issues and hot topics in risk management and insurance in higher education.
  • Track 5: Chart the Course - With no specific destination in sight, chart your own course as you navigate through a “catch-all” of different topics included in this track.


Evaluation Criteria

The Programming Committee will select presentations based on:

  • Contribution to overall conference theme and program track
  • Design: Content and clarity of proposed topic
  • Interactivity: Use of hands-on, active learning methods to communicate the information
  • Overall Appeal: Innovative approaches to identify, cope with, or solve current and emerging problems facing risk management professionals
  • Applicability: Inclusion of practical tools, solutions, management strategies, or innovative and specialized programs that attendees can use or adapt on their own campuses

A decision to accept or reject session proposals will be given no later than Monday, April 2, 2012.


Additional Requirements

  • All accepted speakers must agree to certain terms and conditions; PLEASE review the sample speaker confirmation form.
  • Affiliate members or other speakers from a company or business MUST include at least one co-presenter from a college, university, or other educational environment. Sessions should include three co-presenters or fewer unless there is specific justification for including additional presenters.
  • Speakers shall NOT present a session that is designed to sell or promote their business or product.
  • Speakers must submit their PowerPoint presentations to the URMIA National Office by June 29, 2012. Presentations not received by that date will be removed from the conference program at the discretion of the Annual Conference Committee.
  • EACH SESSION PRESENTER MUST REGISTER AS A SPEAKER and are strongly encouraged to register for the entire conference. Guest rate does not apply.
  • The coordinating presenter and additional presenters must be available on the day(s) scheduled by the Programming Committee. Requests to change dates may not be accommodated and could result in the presentation being deleted from the conference program.
  • Speakers will be required to use the URMIA Annual Conference PowerPoint template when developing their presentations. To make our conference "greener," URMIA will continue its tradition of providing session presentations to conference attendees for download prior to the conference.
  • In making a submission, the presenters agree that they own the materials sent to URMIA in connection with your submission, including final presentation materials. Among other things, this means that presenters developed or have attained permissions to use any items from other sources. By submitting the proposal, presenters agree that URMIA will have a non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, worldwide license to use submission materials or, if accepted, the presentations and all accompanying materials, for any purpose and in any media as may now or hereafter exist.
  • Audiovisual: Each room will have a podium, computer, projector, screen, one wireless lavaliere microphone, one wired microphone, and a table with two chairs. If your needs are different, you must submit this in your proposal.

For more information, please contact: