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What is URMIA?

URMIA is a professional, non-profit organization for college and university risk managers and other higher education risk management and insurance professionals. The association, established in 1969, represents more than 600 institutions of higher learning and 100 affiliate companies and partner organizations. In all, URMIA represents over 2,200 individuals in the higher education risk management industry.    Read More


Why Join URMIA?

The challenges and opportunities facing higher education risk managers and insurance professionals are many, and most in higher education are asked to do more with less every day. We provide our members with a variety of benefits to help build the professionalism of higher education risk management and, most importantly, to make their lives easier.    Read More

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URMIA memberships and dues are determined by your role and the type of organization you work for:

  • College and university risk managers and administrators should apply for an Institutional membership.
  • Employees of insurance companies, brokerages, or consultancies should apply for URMIA’s Affiliate membership.
  • Students, professors, and retired risk managers qualify for one of our Individual member types.

 See the Comparison Chart for details.

2019 Membership Categories
and Fees

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