Tracey Swift, ARM, CYBER 301

Executive Director, Risk Management Services,
Arizona State University

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Arizona State University




Tracey Swift joined ASU in 2016 as the Assistant Director of Risk & Emergency Management. She has a BA in Social Sciences from Stony Brook University and has earned the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) and CYBER 301 designations from the Institutes. Currently, Tracey is the Executive Director and Risk Manager at ASU where she leads enterprise-wide risk management insurance programs and risk advisory for domestic and international activities. Her diverse background spans more than 20 years where she managed teams in both higher education and corporate risk management. Tracey’s private sector experience includes work for Fortune 500 companies, including an international assignment and positions in commercial insurance brokerage. Tracey’s mission is to foster a proactive and collaborative approach to ensure that risks are strategically managed while encouraging innovation and promoting a robust risk culture. She serves on the URMIA Finance Committee and is active member of HEPNET which seeks to advance the interactions of higher education institutions with children and youth.