Professional Development Overview

URMIA Empowers Risk Managers

We offer several educational sessions at our annual conference each fall, as well as our regional conferences in the spring. You do not have to be a member to attend our events.

Additionally, membership in the University Risk Management and Insurance Association opens you up to many more professional development opportunities. We offer webinars, a career center, an RM study group, discounts to partner events, access to senior risk managers, and many other ways to add to your skill set. We invite you to become a member of URMIA and come learn with us!

Courses in Risk Management

While URMIA does not recommend or endorse any particular risk management educational program, the following educational programs may be helpful to risk management professionals.

Associate in Risk Management (ARM)

Three courses form the basis of the ARM program: risk assessment, risk control, and risk financing. The purpose of the ARM program is to enable application of a risk management decision-making process to any organization's exposures to accidental and business losses. Passing the required ARM exams earns the Associate in Risk Management designation.

Associate in Risk Management - ERM (ARM-E)
An additional course, Enterprise-Wide Risk Management: Developing and Implementing is offered for individuals who are interested in acquiring more theory and practical knowledge about enterprise risk management.  Passing the course exam, in addition to the ARM course exams, earns the Associate in Risk Management-ERM (ARM-E) designation. Passing only the ERM 57 course earns a certificate of completion.

Associate in Risk Management for Public Entities (ARM-P)
Building on the content of the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) program, this course explores the risk management decision-making process in the public sector and emphasizes how it differs from private-sector risk management. Passing the Risk Management for Public Entities course exam, in addition to the ARM exams, earns the Associate in Risk Management for Public Entities (ARM-P) designation.   learn more

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Certified Risk Manager (CRM)

The Certified Risk Manager (CRM) Program is a fully recognized, independent professional designation program designed by and for individuals in the risk management field who wish to enhance their professional skills and recognition.

Comprised of five separate but interdependent courses, the curricula will benefit all levels of experience, however, two or more years of prior experience or knowledge in the field is recommended. CRM courses include Risk Management Essentials, Risk Analysis, Risk Control, Risk Financing, and Risk Administration.

ISO 31000 Standard Training

URMIA and PRIMA are pleased to offer a training program that is designed to teach higher education institutions and public sector entities how to implement Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) by applying the standard throughout their organizations.

Together, URMIA and PRIMA recruited and trained individuals in the principles and implementation methods of the ISO/ANSI/ASEE ISO 31000 Standard. These individuals along with one of the program consultants make up the PRIMA ISO 31000 faculty.

Upon completion of the program, individuals receive a certificate of completion.   learn more

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RIMS-Certified Risk Management Professional

Risk and Insurance Management Society-Certified Risk Management Professional (RIMS-CRMP) is described as “a credential that demonstrates your achievement of risk management competencies, knowledge and commitment to quality.” An exam is required as well as minimum of education and work experience thresholds.  The exam covers analyzing the business model, designing organizational risk strategies, implementing the risk process, developing organizational risk competency, and supporting decision making.

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University Programs

You may find helpful this list of colleges and universities offering risk management and insurance programs compiled by the International Risk Management Institute, Inc.