URMIA-sponsored Insurance Programs

Logo for URMIA's Sponsored Insurance Program for Sports Camps

Looking for liability insurance for camp programs using university or college facilities?

The URMIA Camps Insurance Program protects the camp, its coaches and counselors, as well as the college or university where the camp is held. Additionally, participants are covered for medical bills related to accidents occurring at the camp. 

While this insurance program is designed for sports camps, the coverage accommodates most youth academic and educational camps as well.

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We are pleased to offer this inexpensive insurance program covering the personal property of individual students, faculty, and staff of our member institutions. This coverage applies whether living on or off campus, including while studying abroad or away on internships, externships, or other experiential academic opportunities. The program includes variable policy limits, low deductibles, and a liability coverage option for the individuals.

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Logo for URMIA's Sponsored Insurance Program for Student Property
URMIA's Sponsored Event Insurance Program Logo

This Tenants' and Users' Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) is available at a reduced rate to event organizers using facilities owned by an URMIA member institution. TULIP protects both the "facility user" (e.g., event host or visiting organization) and the college or university against claims by third parties.

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