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Don't know who made the decision, but I certainly appreciate being on the mailing list of the newsletter. Once in awhile I even recognize a name or two!Going back to the 60's, we in the Big Ten had some very interesting and sometimes heated discussions about whether to expand or not. We heard about some group on the east coast who seemed to be interested in the same things we were but they were ""Ivy League"" types and, after all, we were the BIG TEN! Most of us were interested in getting more schools on-board. After all, larger numbers usually means more clout! Thank goodness the ""expansionists"" prevailed! Guess the only regret I ever had was that the Benefits part of the business never seemed to occupy a very important part of URMIA. It always seemed to me that Benefits was always where the big money was as compared to casualty, liability, etc., premiums. I always felt that my office was running one huge insurance company. As a result of ""non-interest"", the ""Human Resources"" (Personnel Department in my day) seem to have taken over that part of the business. One of the most memorable and rewarding aspects of my job was the annual trek to the RIMS and URMIA conferences where we would get to meet and talk to some of the most knowledgeable and nicest people in the business, like Jim Gallivan (Illinois), the Charlie Emersons (Kentucky), the Walkers (Alabama) just to name a few. Jean and I are managing to keep very busy these days. We are quite fortunate in having our three children and their families all located within thirty minutes of Ann Arbor. Of course that means grandpa and grandma get to baby-sit often! Sailboat racing is still high on our list of things to do in the summer time. We still seem to finish in the middle and upper part of the pack (not many firsts) but we still both love the competition. In fact, Jean got tired of me telling her what to do and she bought a Sun Fish and races that on Tuesdays! In addition to racing, being the Quartermaster of the yacht club also tends to fill up my calendar. My spare time is also occupied by such things as the University of Michigan Retirees Association of which I am currently the president. I'm still flying radio control model airplanes and hope to as long as my hand/eye coordination allows it. Am also president of our flying club. Somewherein there I also managed to get myself elected to the Board of the UM Credit Union and the H. R. Committee of the Red Cross. If there is any time left over, I spend it on my one acre ""estate"". The main thing is to not interfere with Jean's household activities!Again, thank you for the newsletter and keep up the good work! Don and Jean Thiel