Chauncey Fagler, ARM-P, DRM

Executive Director & CRO,
FCSRMC (Florida College System Risk Management Consortium)

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FCSRMC (Florida College System Risk Management Consortium)


Past President



I joined the Florida College System Risk Management Consortium (FCSRMC) in 2002 and have served as Executive Director and Chief Risk Officer since 2007. FCSRMC delivers innovative enterprise-wide risk management to support the 28 colleges of the Florida College System, which has 50,000 employees, 800,000 students, and $9.6 billion in property. Prior to joining FCSRMC, I worked in the financial sector and in specialty retail management.

I am an active member of the Florida Education Risk Manager Association (FERMA), the Risk Management Society (RIMS), and URMIA through a range of activities, which include sharing my expertise, conference planning, and governance. I joined URMIA in 2006 with attendance at my first Southern Regional in 2007 and Annual Conference in 2011. I am especially proud to have served as president of URMIA for an extended term from 2019-2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic, and continue to serve on the URMIA board as immediate past-president. Outside of work, I am a lifelong swimmer and wine enthusiast.

Education: University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, Bachelor of Science – Advertising