Looking back: Our members share the biggest risks they have faced

By URMIA National Office posted 12-11-2018 08:25 AM

We asked, and you answered! Our greatest strength as an association is the knowledge and experience of our members. It only makes sense that YOUR experiences and memories are what we share as we celebrate URMIA's 50 years as an association. 

50th Anniversary parade of members at the 49th Annual Conference

LOOKING BACK: What is the riskiest thing you have faced as a risk management or insurance professional in higher education?

As you read through some of your colleagues' responses, think about the riskiest situation you have faced. How did you manage or mitigate the risk? Leave your responses in the comment section.

Here's a selection from your colleagues, representing a little piece of what you face daily - and displaying the degree of creativity and ingenuity that may only be found among college campus risks! 
  • Ax throwing at the distillery.
  • Hurricane Harvey.
  • Bull riding.
  • Creating a captive insurance program.
  • Students building roller coasters and using them.
  • Students firing rockets into a barbecue pit.
  • Airplane ride with flight school instructor.
  • Being tasked with doubling the size of campus in five years through a private/public partnership.
  • Changing student health insurance into a self-funded model.
  • Undergrads wanting to go help with Ebola outbreaks.
  • Silent Sam – Civil War monuments.
  • Dormitory fire.
  • The students!
  • Alcohol!

LOOKING FORWARD: What skills will a risk manager need in the next 25-50 years?

As we look back at your riskiest situations and how you managed them, let's look forward, too.  Steve Bryant, Texas Tech University System and URMIA President in 2011-2012, shares what skills he thinks higher ed risk managers will need 25-50 years from now.  Click below to hear his thoughts, and share your thoughts in the comments: what skills do you think you'll need moving forward?
Screencapture of a slide, asking what skills a risk manager will need in the next 25-50 years

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12-11-2018 05:06 PM

I think Steve summed it up beautifully!