URMIA's Major Milestones and Risk Management Game Changers: Compendium Highlights Our Second 25 Years

By URMIA National Office posted 8 days ago


Our Story: The Second 25 Years

Cover_Compendium_URMIA_Part2_20190314_WEB.jpgWith 125 days left until URMIA's 50th Annual Conference gets underway in Boston, the countdown is on! To celebrate how far we have come since that very first conference in 1969, URMIA's 50th Anniversary Task Force presents URMIA's Historic Compendium: The Second 25 Years. Full of photos, firsthand accounts and memories from our leaders, and details about the major milestones we've seen as an organization and profession, this document is not to be missed. Check out URMIA's Second 25 Years today!

You can also learn more about our first 25 years by reading part one of URMIA's Historic Compendium. The photos alone are worth a look.

Our Milestones: How Far We've Come!

As we prepare for the big celebration in September, we also pause to reflect on the impact that URMIA has had on higher education risk management. The concepts of community, innovation and education have inspired URMIA’s members to make many meaningful contributions to risk management at their institutions and organizations. We reflect on past innovations and the game changers that have impacted URMIA and our members. 

URMIA would not be what it is today without the vision, leadership and dedication of so many individuals. Underlying every moment of URMIA’s history is the dedication of URMIA’s leaders and members. 

So what major milestones have we witnessed over the last 25 years? Have any of these milestones impacted you or others in your risk management sphere? Tell us in the comments!  

  • Milestone 1: Adapting to Changing Risks
  • Milestone 2: Strengthening Our Members’ Voices: Members Vote for URMIA Leadership and Member-to-Member Communication Grows
  • Milestone 3: Expanding URMIA’s Membership: Affiliate Members, International Institutions, and Students Join the Ranks
  • Milestone 4: Establishing a National Office
  • Milestone 5: Creating Innovative Products and Awards
  • Milestone 6: Centering on Professional Development: The URMIAnetwork, Professional Development for Those New to the Profession, Risk Management Wednesdays, and Core Competencies to Guide Professional Development
  • Milestone 7: Supporting Diversity in the Profession: The Changing Face of Risk Management in Higher Education and Efforts of the Diversity & Inclusion Task Force