This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for URMIA's founding members

By URMIA National Office posted 11-19-2018 01:23 PM

As part of our year-long 50th anniversary celebration, URMIA highlights the history of the association through the voices of its members. Our "Faces of Risk Management" features give a glimpse into our association and the perspectives of risk managers since the beginning of URMIA.

As we kick off Thanksgiving week, we are thankful for the many members who had the foresight and drive to creaURMIA's first annual conference, 1969, Pennsylvania State Universityte our association and guide it through its earliest days! Check out three of these stories (and their personalities) here:
  • William Hustedt: "I moved on to UW-Madison in July of 1962. After being there a year, I felt the need to talk to others like myself who had to handle exposures found in a university. There were no lists or even any names. This was further complicated by the fact that I was not allowed to attempt any direct contact, except through the top business office of our campus. Permission was granted in October of 1963 for me to write to College & University Business asking if there existed an organization of insurance persons at the education level. None existed.

    "The April 1965 issue of College & University Business had an article written by Rodney Pyfer about a new insurance plan for the University of Pennsylvania. Finally I had a name of a person with insurance responsibilities for a university."

  • Charles Emerson: "In 1970, I saw a small ad in the Underwriter’s Magazine about a new organization - the University Insurance Managers Association (UIMA). Response was directed to the venerable Robert Beth of Stanford University. I hurriedly mailed my $50 check and soon passed the scrutiny of Bill Ryan for membership. I believe treating him to our cafeteria’s luncheon special of the day - liver and onions - did the trick. I feel privileged to have had membership in URMIA, as it later became known, and my contact with the membership is most memorable.

  • Truman Pope: "Of the various clubs and organizations with which I have been associated, I can trulyURMIA’s 1983 Annual Conference, Birmingham, AL President Truman Pope at the 14th Annual Conference (back row, 4th from the right).say that my membership in URMIA has been one of the most pleasurable and rewarding relationships of my career. Of the awards that I have been presented during my many years of community service and university affiliation, the plaque in my office which is inscribed, 'PRESIDENT - University Risk Management and Insurance Association, 1982-1983,' is the far the one which I most treasure." 

    The top picture shows attendees at URMIA's first annual conference in 1969. The bottom picture  sows URMIA’s 1983 Annual Conference in Birmingham, AL; Charles Emerson is in the back row, 3rd from left, and Truman Pope, URMIA President 1982-1983, is in the back row, 4th from the right.

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