URMIA Is My "Go To" for Understanding Higher Ed Risks

I find URMIA to be a “go to” resource when I want to understand how other institutions are approaching and managing a particular risk or insurance topic. The collaboration that is fostered through the various educational and social events is invaluable. Active participation and engagement in URMIA is one of the highlights of my job and ensures I continue to learn and develop professionally.

Jim Donohue, Boston University - Member since 2015


Predict & Mange Risks with URMIA

The resources and tools available through URMIA have helped us manage the everyday risk events that are so hard to predict. URMIA is an exceptional value.

Lee Hastie, Bob Jones University - Member since 2012


Share Ideas & Best Practices

The Compliance Community within URMIA has been a tremendous asset to me in my position as a Compliance Manager. Being able to network with people in similar roles at other institutions and share ideas and best practices, especially as a newcomer, has been very valuable.

Kristin Roberts, Auburn University - Member since 2019


Count on URMIA

I knew I could count on the URMIA community for experienced input on most any topic. This will all be of great assistance later in our meetings with all of the stakeholders.

Janet Nash, Kennesaw State University - Member since 2013


A Community of Sharing

One of the things I value the most is the sharing of information amongst institutions. Having worked in the for-profit sector in the past, you just don’t see this type of sharing. It makes all of our jobs easier.

Sandy Mitchell, MIT - Member since 2013


Better Conference Experiences

URMIA’s annual conference has richer content, higher quality speakers and an atmosphere that is so much more welcoming and conducive to collaboration than other conferences I’ve attended.

Steve Ciotti, Conifer Realty LLC - Active since 2019


There in Crisis & Calm

URMIA is so amazing! The work URMIA does is incredibly important, both in terms of the current crisis and during calmer times.

Lisanne Sison, Gallagher - Member since 2011


Elevating Risk Culture

I'm constantly in awe of the URMIA members for both their knowledge and dedication. It's a shift in the risk culture I'm proud to be a part of.

Kristi Murphy, Boise State University - Member since 2017


Support in Times of Crisis

As we navigate the uncharted waters of the COVID-19 pandemic, our URMIA membership and the support that is given and received have become even more precious.

Yvonne M. Keafer, University of Pittsburgh - Member since 2007


Members Are Approachable

I appreciate that URMIA still feels like a small organization, and everyone is very approachable.

Cheryl Lloyd, Office of the President of the University of California - Member since 2006


Everyone Shares

Everyone I have met in URMIA has been willing to share information and their experiences, which has allowed me to grow as a university risk manager.

Colorado Robertson, Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College - Member since 2011


Members Are Never Alone

I honestly never thought I'd run into someone else who had a falcon issue on campus, but such is the life of a risk manager. We are never alone in our struggles.

Emily Hochstatter, Northern Illinois University - Member since 2012


My Risk Management Family

The connections I have through URMIA are invaluable. It's helpful to have a group of folks with such diverse experience to answer questions I may have. I also appreciate the camaraderie I've built with so many great folks. I consider the folks I've met in URMIA to be an extended part of my risk management family.

Julie Groves, Wake Forest University - Member since 2008


Amazing Willingness to Share

URMIA provides such an incredible resource center of documents on almost any subject in risk management, but the people both in the URMIA National Office and the membership are the most precious resource of all. The willingness to share is truly amazing.

Michael Histed, University of Ottawa - Member since 2012


URMIA Makes Me a Better Risk Manager

Where can you find an organization with members who know and understand your issues and concerns? Where can you find knowledge and expertise about how to manage and insure risk in higher education? URMIA is THE organization I turn to for advice, guidance, expert knowledge, and support. URMIA makes me a better risk manager.

Sally Alexander, Colorado State University - Member since 2008

Welcomed with Open Arms

URMIA is a fantastic organization for someone with direct or tangential responsibility for addressing risk in their college or university. One of the best parts about URMIA is how easy it is to become involved, no matter how little or how much time you might have. When I joined URMIA in 2010, being new to higher education, URMIA welcomed me with open arms and put me to work! I’ve greatly valued the relationships and professional development experience URMIA has allowed me to build in just a few short years.

Luke Figora, Northwestern University - Member since 2010

URMIA Opened My Eyes

I can’t say enough about how the resources of URMIA have facilitated my success in Higher Education Risk Management. Though when beginning my position at Chapman University, I had over 25 years of experience in the field of insurance and 15 in Risk Management, none of it had been in higher education. While there are many components of a risk management program that are shared across industry, my participation in URMIA opened my eyes to the challenges unique to the field of Higher Education risk management. The collegial and sharing nature of this community is unique and provides an invaluable resource. The people and what they share, the conferences, and the URMIA web network are invaluable aids to success. Eventually, I decided it was time to give back, first serving on the Communications Committee, then co-chairing that Committee, and now serving on the URMIA Board.

Allan F. Brooks, Chapman University - Member since 2006

Don't Do This Alone

Risk management is a challenging and dynamic profession especially in higher education. We get some of the most interesting and curious inquiries...drones, foreign travel, international intellectual property, value of the contents of our libraries…what was your question of the day today? I found that at least one of my colleagues in URMIA has suggestions and maybe even resolved the challenge I am having right now. It is great to be connected to hundreds of the brightest intellects in the risk management profession. The cumulative knowledge is invaluable!

Steve Bryant, Texas Tech University System - Member since 2002

Inquiries Are Readily Answered

My membership with URMIA has allowed me to network with higher education risk managers throughout the country. My inquiries about new – and reoccurring risk issues – are readily answered with how others handle the situation, sample policies and guidance to resources. Just as helpful are the questions posed by other members as they draw my attention to possible exposures that hadn’t yet come to my attention. Using the references, confirmations of current practice, and personal experiences of my peers validates my ideas and heightens the probability of acceptance of proposals.

Barbara Schatzer, University of San Diego - Member since 2003

Shared Expertise

All URMIA members are willing to help and share their expertise.

Matt Tuttle, University of Utah - Member since 2013


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