Emeritus Award Recipients

In Memoriam

  • Ernest L. Conti
  • Murray C. Edge, ARM, CSSD, WSO, DRM
  • Charles D. Emerson, DRM
  • James R. Gallivan
  • Thomas C. Halvorsen, ALCM, ARM, CPCU, BBA, DRM
  • William Hustedt
  • Benning F. Jenness, DRM
  • Michael G. Klein, DRM
  • Eugene D. Marquart, DRM
  • George H. Meeker, ARM, DRM
  • William O. Park, M.S., MBA, CPCU, ARM, DRM
  • Truman G. Pope, DRM
  • Alex J. Ratka
  • Harry E. Riddell
  • William F. Ryan
  • Stanley Tarr, DHL, DRM
  • Leo Wade, Jr., Ph.D., ARM, DRM
  • John H. Walker, DRM

If you would like to know more about these honored individuals, please contact the National Office.